Partnerships Targets 1

Merchant Partners & Brands

Reach highly qualified health consumers early in their journey.

Partnerships Targets 2

Health Publishers

Bring significant value to health content and information with Recommend widgets for digital publications.

Partnerships Targets 3

Healthcare Providers

Tailored solutions for improved adherence and optimized health outcomes.

Partnerships Targets 4

Health IT Partners

Make Recommend a standard part of your patient engagement and experience solutions.

Condition-specific product recommendations at the point of care

Choice & Savings

Partnerships Reason 1

Over 40m products and 12,000 categories sourced.


Partnerships Reason 2

Advanced matching of products to health conditions all the way to health record medical codes.

Made for Health

Partnerships Reason 3

Not your average eCommerce experience.

Built for Value

Partnerships Reason 4

No hidden costs, markups or unpleasant surprises. No compromises with your data.